Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Time at the A&H

Hello, Art & History Fans!  We're very much in the holiday spirit at the Art & History Museums-Maitland this month so I'd like to share with you just a few of the things we've been up to kick off the celebration.

On November 23, 2012 the A&H's Waterhouse Residence Museum transformed into a Christmas wonderland.  The house is decorated to evoke the spirit of Victorian Christmases past with trees, glass ornaments, kissing balls, springs of green, and even a few seashells.  Scents of the holiday permeate the house helping to really transport visitors back to the 1890's.  Each room even features a stirring mouse from Clement Clark Moore's famous poem "Twas the Night before Christmas." Published in the 1820's this poem was popular during the Christmases the Waterhouse family would have celebrated in their beautiful home, just as it is today.  As visitors hunt for the mouse with their docent guide, they learn not just about holiday traditions of yesteryear but of the tales of early Maitland and the Waterhouse family that settled in Maitland in the 1880's.

Please enjoy these pictures of past views of Holidays at the Waterhouse.  To see this year's decorations you'll have to visit.  The Waterhouse is open Thursday-Sunday, 12:00 PM-4:00 PM.  Tours are guided by a docent and generally last 30-45 minutes.  Admission and directions can be found here.  And you can purchase your very own Waterhouse mouse to commemorate the occasion!

It's that time of year when we celebrate friends and family by giving gifts.  And what gifts are more heartfelt than those that we make ourselves? Megan, our wonderful Program Facilitator Docent, has devised some really exciting "Wrap and Go" workshops for general audiences and Girl Scouts this month.  On December 5, 2012, we created bath salts and soaps.  The most exciting part of this endeavor was getting to microwave a bar of Ivory soap.  We all had a great time doing this and made some really cute, artistic gifts as a result.  See what happened below!  Happy Holidays. Don't forget to visit the A&H to see all of our latest exhibitions and attend fun classes and workshops.  We also feature a number of fun gift giving items in our museum store.  See you in the New Year!

From Ivory Soap...

to a big fluffy cloud...

to a mixable medium...

to beautiful holiday shaped soaps to share!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November Family Days

This Saturday, November 17 at 1:00 pm, A&H will hold its monthly Family Days at the Waterhouse!  The theme will be "Happy Holidays" and we will be working on a great project to share with your families during the upcoming Holiday Season.

Guests will get the opportunity to tour the Waterhouse residence, then partake in an activity Sarah or Stella Waterhouse themselves could have done, making silhouettes!

A&H's mascot, Quacker Jack was gracious enough to show off his silhouette.

We hope to see everyone at the Waterhouse this Saturday!  We will trace your silhouette for you that day while you decorate a frame.  Then, you can take it home and share it with your family or give it as a gift during the holidays!  Admission is $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for children, and this fun project is included in your admission price!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Call Me Maybe: Calling Cards at the Waterhouse Residence

This last Saturday the Art & History Museums-Maitland hosted a number of families at the Waterhouse Residence Museum and Cottage at Lake Lily to learn about the  custom of calling cards.  

Some of us remember calling cards as credit card like devices carried in wallets to cheaply call friends and loved ones while on business or vacation.  

For those that lived during the Victorian era, calling cards were also a means of communication.  Before the telephone was invented, when someone came to visit that was known as "paying a call."  Thus when you paid a call you either announced yourself with your calling card (a small card with your name or your husband's name written on it) or left your card to let someone know you had been to visit.  

At one point this custom had grown so elaborate there was a system to let someone know why you had called or if a return call was requested by folding the card in a certain way.  

Today few people carry such cards anymore, but they are still sometimes used in formal correspondence, and many professionals carry cards with their business information on it to make certain potential clients or collaborators know how to contact them.  

The cards of long ago were sometimes very simple or incredibly ornate.  At the latest A&H Family Day, families were encouraged to create their own calling cards.  Below are some highlights from the August 18th family outing.  Great work everyone!
The namesake of this blog post and homage to this summer's Carly Rae Jepsen  hit.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Fun @ A&H

It's been a great summer at the Art & History Museums-Maitland.  We've had all kind of wonderful studio art classes for children and adults.  Here are some photos of what students have been up to.  There's still a chance to sign up for summer camp and summer workshops.  The fall schedule is online too so sign up for a class that starts in September!
Pottery Class with Cindy McDowell

Pottery Class

Items made by a student in Jim Hosner's Jewelry Fabrication Class
Items made by a student in Jim Hosner's Jewelry Fabrication Class


Happy Painters in Kaye Callaway's Class!

Little Artists Summer 2012

Proud Little Artists

Monday, July 23, 2012

Drawing and Cartooning Workshop

A&H Faculty Member, Terri Markle, taught a fun and exciting workshop the Art & History Museums-Maitland on July 14.  Here are some great pictures from that day.  Sign up for Drawing and Cartooning this fall! Can't wait that long?  

Cartooners at work.

Listening intently!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gyotaku for Kids

Over the past two days, A&H Faculty Member, Teresa L. Chin led a fun new workshop for children in the Germaine Marvel Building at the Art & History Museums-Maitland.  The children created prints with fish on paper and t-shirts. This kind of printing is known as Gyotaku 

Here are some pictures from this fantastic workshop! Thanks for a great time, kids!

Making T-Shirts

Bass Print

Flounder Print

Showing off great work!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Education Gallery

It's June 22 and that means we have two new exhibitions opening in at the A&H's Maitland Historical Museum and the A&H's Maitland Art Center.  These are fantastic exhibitions and you should come visit!  While you're visiting Maitland's Legacies:  Creativity & Innovation stop by and see the new education gallery that also opens today! 

Quacker Jack
Meet Quacker Jack.  He was inspired by friendly ducks that live at Lake Lily Park and frequently visit other parts of Maitland.  Quacker Jack sports our A&H logo tee and watches over our education gallery.  When you see him at the Telephone Museum or in the Maitland Historical Museum you know it's okay to touch and play.  We have many unique artifacts in our museums that it's important not to touch, so the A&H wanted to have a place where kids (and adults too!) could interact with the fun stories told in our exhibitions.  
Education Gallery is open!

Try on the Many Hats of History.

Beautiful "Family Tree" Created by Artist Dawn Schreiner.

Fun Activities to Try.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A&H's First Family Day @ The Museum

Family Days @ the Museum
 Visit the Art & History Museums-Maitland on the 3rd Saturday of the Month for Family Days at the Museum. This program is free with museum admission or A&H membership.  
Upcoming Family Day events include:
July 21:  Make a Family Tree – Maitland Historical Museum
August 18:  Calling Cards- Waterhouse Residence Museum
September 15: String Telephones – Telephone Museum
October 20:  Masks – A&H's Maitland Art Center
November 17:  Happy Holidays– Waterhouse Residence Museum

On June 16 the A&H celebrated Flag Day and visitors got to make fun paper and wooden flags.  Artist Martha Lent led families in this fun art activity!  The activity was set up right in the A&H's Maitland Art Center Gallery so participants could learn about artists Jasper Johns and Ab the Flagman after seeing the beautiful work of AndrĂ© Smith featured in A&H's latest exhibition A Day in the Life of the Research Studio.  
Martha's Flag.

 Check out some other fun shots from the day.  
(These were taken with a phone, more pictures to follow)!

Looking at artwork related to the lesson.

After completing projects, families enjoyed a celebratory cupcake.

Here are some of the supplies and the fun handouts that everyone took home!
 The idea for this lesson came from one of Jasper Johns' most famous works Three Flags

Three flags by Jasper Johns
Learn more about Johns' work by exploring 

Thanks to those of you who participated in the first Family Day at the Art & History Museums-Maitland!  Don't forget to check out the many fun things happening at  A&H this summer
Hope to see you soon!